EURO MB2® is a mixed wood-metal guardrail level N2 according to the EN 1317 European standards, which mixes aesthetic and secure. The EURO MB2® is particularly adapted to natural sites such as forest or montain roads, natural reserves, rest areas, city entry areas, and sensitive areas (tanks, schools, cycle paths …).

EURO MB2® mixed wood-metal guardrail is available in two versions:

  • Glissières Euro H2 C100 post “standard version” (post covering + galvanized spacer)
  • Glissières Euro H2 C100 post “all-wood version” (back post covering + powdered coated spacer + beam back covering)


EURO MB2® rail is made up of a steel rail build-in a 18cm-diameter log. This mixed wood-metal guardrail combines steel strenght and wooden aesthetic in a way to respect environment.

  • 2 to 4m long rails.
  • For curves, 2m rails with sleeves bent at an angle are available.
  • All Scots pine elements used in EURO MB2® are treated class 4 without arsenic.
Glissières Euro H2

A complete range of accessories is available with EURO MB2® such as transitions on GSA and GBA, posts on plates, lowered terminals, reflectors, handrail (cf. photograph) …

Glissières Euro H2

EURO MB2® can be easily equipped with a motorcycle screen to avoid the direct contact with the posts on the mixed wood-metal guardrail.


EURO MB2® is conformed to the EN 1317-2 standards for spacing between 2 and 4m. No component over 2 kg have been ejected during the MB2 crash test which makes it one of the sole mixed wood-metal guardrail fully compliant with the EN 1317-2 standards (2005 version).

EURO MB2® with 2m spacing

Containment level : N2
Working width : W5 (1,6m)
ASI : A (0,7)

EURO MB2® with 4m spacing

Containment level : N2
Working width : W7 (2,3m)
ASI : A (0,7)

Installation, durability and maintenance

EURO MB2® elements are pre-assembled to make logistic and installation on building site easier. Two technical advantages enable a very simple installation:

Glissières Euro H2
  • Post and spacer can be positionned anywhere along the metal beam (including at the level of the transition sleeve of the horizontal beam).
  • T-head screw system as an integrated installation assistance tool.
  • T-head screws and pre-assembly sleeves allow fast fitting with the following beam. Half of the beam stays on the ground while the second half is fitted wich prevent from lifting the whole beam.

As they are installed outside in a very agressive and humid environment, in contact with the ground or are likely to trap water (horizontal logs), the wooden parts of the mixed guardrails have to respect the class of employment 4, according to the EN335 standards.

Glissières Euro H2

High attention should be drawn to the used tree species. Somme of them like Spruce or Douglas have to be avoided because considered as refactories ones according to the EN 350 standards. They only reach P5 level regarding their absorption capacity of the wood treatment wich define them as a class 3 product.

ROADIS LPC use a class 4 Scots pine. It is 100% impregnated up to the core of the wood which means up to the highest level according to the standards (P8 level). This insures a very high durability.

The Scots pine, the preservative product and the process of safeguarding form a process recognized by certificates CTB B+ and CTB P+ that ROADIS LPC has. Attention with the fraudulent practices : certificate CTB-P+ sole is insufficient because it guarantees only the quality of the preservative product, but in no case, the process of impregnation. The use of mark CTB-P+ is reserved to the preservatives manufacturers.

Glissières Euro H2 Glissières Euro H2