The simple guardrail GS4 is a generic product of the French state. GS4 has constituted the base of the lateral restraint systems on the French roads for more than 40 years.



GS4 is made up of a profile A rail, spacers and C100 posts spaced every 4 meters.

The impact made the posts bend, be detached from rails, and the guardrail forms a pocket. The vehicle is then redirectes by the rail wich plays the part of a belt.

A removable version of GS4 described in NF P98-410 standards exists, as well as a range of accessories : terminals, transitions.


The simple guardrail GS4 is a generic product of the French state related level N2, according to the EN 1317-2 standards. However, GS4 does not completely fulfill the criteria of the European standards because spacers of 3,2 kg are ejected during the crash-tests. Indeed, the European standards, in its version of 2005, does not tolerate the ejection of objects of more than 2 kg.

The simple guardrail GS4 is approved by the n°88-49 ministerial circular of May 9, 1988.

Containment level : related N2

Working width : W6 (1,86m)


Installation, durability and maintenance

Concerning the installation of simple guardrail GS4, it is advisable to refer to the n°88-49 circular of approval of May 9,1988.