Here we present some pictures of a 1.800 meter installation of our metallic barrier EURO GS N2W4-4m.

EURO GS N2W4-4m is a simple metallic barrier, designed to meet today's security needs thanks to its excellent characteristics, easy transportation, quick installation and competitive price.

EURO GS N2 is a complete range of metal barriers, including the following systems:
EURO GS N2W2: Posts every 1,33m
EURO GS N2W3: Posts every 2m
EURO GS N2W4-4m: Posts every 4m
EURO GS N2W4-6m: Posts every 6m

All systems in the range share the same constituent elements.

EURO GS N2W4 Ireland EURO GS N2W4 Ireland 2 EURO GS N2W4 Ireland 3 EURO GS N2W4 Ireland 4 EURO GS N2W4 Ireland 5

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