ROADIS LPC together with its exclusive Distributor in The Netherlands successfully managed a project in full compliance with a comprehensive scope of work including safety, design, landscape insertion and durability requirements.

The CE system EURO MB2W designed and manufactured by ROADIS LPC is fully compliant with the scope of work requirements. Installed on the N310 in the Gelderland province (Centre Est of Holland) in the town of Elspeed, EURO MB2W, mixed wood and metal guardrail, insure road users safety (reduced working width), protect motorcyclists (motorcycle screen below the system) and secure an underpass dedicated to anima crossing thanks to an additional handrail.

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Design and durability are also taken into account in full compliance with a sustainable development approach. EURO MB2W is only available with Class 4 wood. An arsenic free product is ejected up to the core of the wood in an autoclave treatment process. The motorcycle screen made of hot dip galvanised steel is powdercoated with DECOSTEEL paint. This innovative technique, chromatic and solvent free, enables to transfer a wooden pattern on the screen. The colours get well together in a perfect harmony allowing a perfect and durable integration of the system in its environment.

The road safety equipments are manufactured by ROADIS LPC.

The surface treatment units of GALVAUNION group performed the hot dip galvanisation and the powdercoating.

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