The road M-605 is located in the natural park “El Pardo” in Madrid.

Madrid regional government has concluded works for improving the safety of this road and helping to preserve the environment at the same time through the introduction of new environmental measures.

The works have been carried out on a stretch of 5 kilometres, although this road is part of the local network, has a high intensity circulation of more than 10,000 vehicles per day, 4% of them heavy.

In this project it has taken into account the particular environment in which the road is located to introduce innovative measures to preserve the landscape, such as replacing metal barriers for EURO MB2 mixed barriers, one of the most widely used system in the market, due to their environmental and technical characteristics.

Specifically, it has been installed 3.7 kilometres of such barriers. These systems, CE mark, have a N2 containment level, easy installation, durability and great capacity for landscape integration.

The road M-605 runs along a place with a great ecological value, so it has paid special attention to environmental protection, such as new asphalt techniques for saving fuel and noise , wildlife friendly reflectors, etc. .

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