glissière bois produit galvanise

Our Products

ROADIS LPC account for the environmental aspects (Environmental footprint, landscape integration, and removal at end of life of the ground anchoring elements) of products in the design and development stages.
For many years, ROADIS LPC have implemented, and required their suppliers to implement, a policy of substituting and eliminating substances that may have an impact on health or the environment:

  • Steel products are treated with hot galvanisation. Naturally present in the air, water, and soil, zinc plays an essential role in human health. It is recyclable and can be reused indefinitely, while maintaining its properties.

  • Painted products are treated without chromium VI and are thermo-lacquered only with powders free of VOCs, TGIC, and Lead.

  • Wood products are treated by steam-pressure autoclave, an arsenic-free process.

bilan carbone

Our Processes

ROADIS LPC have conducted a Bilan Carbone®. This method helps evaluate the volume of greenhouse gasses generated by all company activities. In knowing the volume of CO² generated at each phase of the life cycle of their products (design, manufacturing, galvanisation, thermo-lacquering, and transport), ROADIS LPC can act to reduce their environmental footprint.

Our Organisation

The first actor in the sector to obtain Quality Security Environment triple certification, ROADIS LPC relies upon its integrated management system using continuous improvement tools to establish and achieve ambitious environment and security objectives.

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Our Commitment

By using an ISO9001/14001 and OHSAS18001 certified production sector (manufacturing, galvanisation, thermo-lacquering, and transport), ROADIS LPC is establishing an “environmentally responsible” sector for its customers. -