Glissières Euro GS N2

Euro GS® N2 W2, Euro GS® N2 W3, Euro GS® N2 W4-4 and Euro GS® N2 W4-6 systems are part of the same road restraint systems family. They are registered under CE certificate number CPR-08-02-03-DR10.11.12.13 dated on 24/10/2014.

These systems use the same components: W beam made of S235 JR steel, TRCO 16×30 bolts between beams, C100 posts made of S235 JR steel, TH 10×40 bolts, fixing plate and washer between beams and posts.

The various working widths are reached by simply adjusting the post spacing.

In the event of a crash, the posts bend, disconnect themselves from the beams, and the guardrail deforms under the load of the crash. The vehicle is thus redirected back to the roadway by the beam acting as a belt.

Crash test Euro GS 2


The Euro GS N2 W4-4 guardrail is a product which meets N2 level requirement in accordance with the EN 1317-5 standard.

The Euro GS N2 W4-4 guardrail was admitted to the CE marking on 24 October 2014 under number 1826-CPR-08-02-03-DR10.

Containment level : N2
Working width : W4 (1,2m)
Dynamic deflection : 1,1m