EURO BN® H2 is the first EU-approved French barrier system for civil engineering structures. Using an entirely new design, EURO BN® H2 incorporates numerous patented innovations, and provides an optimum solution for the safety of vehicle traffic on bridges:

Working width W3

  • A high-performance system

    Anchored fixings for the protection of structures in case of impact

  • A reliable system

    Compatible with generic French anchoring systems (BN4, TETRA S13, etc.)

  • A system adaptable to existing structures

    Carbon footprint reduced by 20%

  • An environment-friendly system

Le système Euro BN® H2 est le seul dispositif de retenue certifié CE avec un entraxe de support variable qui lui permet de s’adapter aux configurations d’ouvrages courbes et à toutes les situations de réparation et d’amélioration d’ouvrages existants.


The EURO BN® H2 system is comprised of three rows of 100×100 rails, secured to the structure concerned by shear-head screws which are screwed into the anchor fixings of generic French systems.

The system occupies less space and has a reduced linear mass, thereby allowing the lateral structure of the bridge to be simplified.

Glissières Euro H2


The EURO BN® H2 system has successfully completed level H2 tests in accordance with European standard EN 1317-2, and will allow the retention of vehicles of weight up to 13 tonnes.

  • Working width W3
  • Dynamic deflection : 0,7 m
  • Linear mass reduced by 15%
  • Empreinte carbone réduite de 20%
  • Manufactured in France
  • Complete galvanized steel construction in accordance with standard EN ISO 1461
  • Available in a twin finish: galvanization + powder coating
  • A fully-integrated process, from design through to installation

* System marketed by the SLER company.