The ROADIS LPC motorcycle screen prevents the motorcyclists, during a fall, to pass under the rail and to run up against the posts. So it attenuates the gravity of the injuries.


The motorcycle screen system is made up of :

  • a 4m spacing profiled rail, height 37 cm.
  • a type L or Lm (for rail height 21 cm), allowing to connect the rail on GS2 and GS4. The type L support is base on a type 2 support, described into the N° 88-49 circular, but whose form was adapted to the support of a plane rail and whose hole was transformed into notch to facilitate the assembly on existing guardrail. The type L support constitutes an improvement compared to the existing supports. It has only three folds, which improves its resistance and facilitate the packing.
  • Bolts : round head bolts 16 x 30.
  • a type D terminal. It is fixed at end and beginning of motorcycle screen lanes. By its form, it deadens the impact of the motorcyclist during a fall. By its design, it is very easily to install it since it requires neither sqaure, nor specific screw. Its attachment unit is not dependant on the type of post used. So this product facilitates the installation and maintenance, and is entirely compatible with the motorcycle screens of the N° 88-49 circular already assembled.


The ROADIS LPC motorcycle screen is the product described in fascicle 2 of the N° 88-49 ministerial circular of May 9, 1988 relating to the approval and the condition of uses of the vehicles restraint system against the accidental exits of roadway.